Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Make an Outside Easter Tree

Don’t have a tree in your front yard to decorate?
Well, here’s a little tip/how-to so that you can create an instant tree in your yard.
Picture 280My husband has been doing this for years. He takes a cut off piece of PVC pipe and pounds it into the ground where he wishes the tree to be. Then he goes to the nearest real tree, cuts off a branch and then places that branch into the pipe. The pipe makes the holder for the branch and it looks like a real tree!
After Easter is over, the branch and pipe come back out.
The grandson hasn’t had a chance to decorate our tree yet, hopefully today, since it’s so beautiful outside. This picture is from last year.
So, I’ve not done anymore stitching on the pansy candle mat. I’ve been so busy with spring cleaning that my entire day and evening last night was spent cleaning and best of all… ironing freshly washed curtains and drapes.
I still have to finish the dining room and the kitchen and then clean the upstairs bathroom today .. then I’ll be done. But I really don’t expect any stitching time until Monday.
So … this gives more time for more trivia questions.
Since I’m doing a giveaway next week for the pansy candle mat that I’m making, every post that I make until that time, I will ask a trivia question that relates to something in my previous blog entries to give the lucky winnner one extra chance/entry into the next giveaway.
Yesterdays trivia winner(s) are “anonymous” Lisa because she answered correctly that Jen is a teacher, but I was looking for the more specific answer that Laura from Appleberrycottage gave, which is an ESL teacher (English as a Second Language)
So they both win one extra entry in the next giveaway which will be the Pansy Candle Mat.
I feel the need to give a boobyprize award to Brenda, over at PumpkinPatchPrimitives too. Because she made me laugh out loud at her random guess of “Belly Dancer”, Brenda will get one extra entry for the giveaway too.
Ok, so here’s the next trivia question. The two people that answer this question the best will get an extra entry for the pansy giveaway.
Casserole Carol and her family will be coming over on Sunday for Easter dinner. She’s bringing food with her to share.
How did Casserole Carol get her nickname and why should I be worried about her bringing food on Sunday?
I doubt that I’ll get a chance to blog until Monday, so you’ll have the entire weekend to figure out the answer!
Happy Easter everyone … weather forecasts are predicting a beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy,
I think you call her Carol "curtain" Casserole? Did she make cobbler with your cherry kitchen curtains? Be afraid for Easter dinner with Carol! Love the pansy mat. I read your blog everyday,but I never knew I could post under anonymous. I live near you in Ellwood City,but I grew up in North Sewickly Twp and when you posted about Harley/fruit market/thrift store-I have been to all of those! Have a great Easter.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Was Carol know for a special casserole she brought to a gathering you attended Cathy?
Have a wonderful Easter weekend.

Cara said...

Because she always brings the most wonderful tasting, but not always great looking foods, also answer to number two.

Brenda said...

Oh, this one was way too easy; because she always brings a casserole dish. You need to be afraid because she can't cook and you have 911 on speed dial! LOL!!! Is she related to my sister in law who once plopped a bunch of broccoli in a pot with water (elastic and all) and then pulled it out into a plastic bowl that she then presented to me as her "dish" for the Thnksgiving Feast? Oh yes she did!... Needless to say, she has never received another invitation to Thanksgiving Dinner, EVER. I can't help it if I hold a grudge, fourteen years long! LOL!
She never did make it to an Easter brunch, as Easter is after Thanksgiving...LOL!
Hope your holiday is wonderful!!!
And yes, I know your daughter is only a part time belly dancer...hahaha

adsgram said...

I am thinking it may be because of the casseroles she makes AND those GREEN CHILIS?????


The French Bear said...

Yes, I agree, be wary of the casseroles she makes, they could include recycled things, like curtains!!!!
I love your pansies, they are beautiful!
Margaret B

Sarah or Semmy said...

Carol always brings a casserole everywhere she goes for a meal, and hear she rolls the dish of food around her castle before she brings it to a meal. Happy Easter!

West Side of Straight said...

Easter tree - great idea! Happy Easter to you and your family from Odda, Hooch and JoLynn in cool MN.

Anonymous said...

Hi Cathy!

Casserole Carol got her name from her
Fiberlicious Curtain Casserole from the dream world of my favorite wool stitcher.....YOU!

Happy Easter!
Mary of VA

Lisa said...

I love your posts! I just laugh! Love the tree. Used to see them everywhere!

Happy Easter!
Hugs, Lisa

Anonymous said...

I heard from an inside source that "casserole Carol's" food is delicious. She made two hot casseroles for Easter dinner and there were only crumbs left!