Monday, April 5, 2010

Trivia Jollies

Haha, you ladies make me laugh with your answers to my trivia questions.  (New Trivia question is below)

So the answer to the last trivia question that asked how my sister, Casserole Carol, got her name can be answered by reading THIS POST.

But briefly, my sister is known for making unusual but really good food.  I had a dream one night that she created a really awful casserole which used recycled curtains as the main ingredient.  There were lots more details in that dream that I didn’t mention in the post but I did send an email that next day to Carol that let her know exactly what she did in my dream.  “Casserole” Carol got her name from the horrible curtain casserole that she served in my dream.

The extra post winners for answering the trivia question correctly is
my Ebay fairy, Mary, of Va and Margaret of The French Bear

“Anonymous” Lisa will also get an extra entry because her answer was about curtains too .. and she lives about 15 min. away from me in Ellwood City.  :) 


Gosh, I haven’t done any stitching for quite a few days now.  Getting the house ready for the Easter bunny, took a lot of time.  I’ll start back to work on the giveaway Pansy Candle Mat tonight and hopefully have some pictures to show of my progress then.

Easter day was just gorgeous and it was well worth all that extra work to have everyone come over for Easter dinner.  Casserole Carol created some special casserole that contained some vegetables and sauce but I forgot to ask her what the heck it was called.  I think she substituted broccoli for recycled curtains. 

Her husband, Mark, didn’t bring his special flask with the mystery beverage in it so he was relatively well behaved …. Well, kinda well behaved.  :)


The newest Create and Decorate Magazine came in the mail and look at those luscious needle punched strawberries!

When I saw those strawberries, I had one of those, “Gosh darn it, why didn’t I think of that?!” feeling and I just wanted to slap myself for not thinking of needlepunching the fruit that I did last year instead of making hundreds and hundreds of french knots.  Needle punch would take a lot less time and look just as nice if not better  … Thanks to the Create and Decorate magazine!

So here’s the next trivia question:   (The first one to answer correctly will win ONE EXTRA ENTRY in the Pansy Candle Mat giveaway that will hopefully be held at the end of this week)

What fruit did I make last year out of wool that I stitched hundreds of french knots to create them?

Oh that question is worded badly….. hmmm …

Last year, I made a fruit with hundreds of French knots.  What kind of fruit was it?

Ok, that might be worded a bit better.


Happy Day everyone!


Cara said...


adsgram said...

Some very nice blackberries that caused a bit of a sore finger if i recall correctly! A labor of love, though!


Tolentreasures said...

Loved the new Create and Decorate, although I thought that they went a little heavy on the punched wool projects.
I hear you on the Easter prep. I am glad to get back to crafting.


Cat Haven Crafts said...

My Create and Decorate didn't arrive yet!!!! Must look into it.
Cath I meant to tell you that I loved your pansy penny rug tutorial!! Thanks so much.

The French Bear said...

well...I must have been sleeping cause I need to go and see the blackberries....that sounds like a lot of work!!! I tried the stitching kit that is a picture made of french knots...yeah I like the needle punch a lot more, it is so much faster!
That magazine looks interesting!
Margaret B

Carrie P. said...

I just got that magazine and I love those strawberries too.