Monday, April 12, 2010

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So this weekend was another busy one.

Saturday morning we woke up to no power. During the night a car crashed into a telephone pole and knocked out the service in our entire area.

No power for us means, no water. We have well water, you see. Well water needs electricity to operate the pump that brings the water into our house. I love having well water but the power outage made me wish I lived in town.

We had things to do on Saturday. Important things. Things that I needed electricity for.

We were leaving early to drive down to Cal Univ of Pa for a special program to honor the Presidential Scholars. Rachel is a Presidential Scholar, with a GPA of 3.97, so of course, we wanted to see her get recognized.

However, the lack of electricity in our house renders me completely helpless … and grumpy.

I didn’t have my morning coffee. I needed a shower. I needed my blow dryer and I needed a hot iron for which to iron my clothes and the dress that Rachel was going to wear…. and did I say I NEEDED MY MORNING COFFEE.

I was a bear. Poor hubby.

Well, it did work out. We purchased our coffee and drove down to Cal. I did my dressing necessities at Rachel’s place and managed to hide my grumpiness.

So the special honors program was held at the college gym, which was right on top of the volleyball court, where Rachel has practically lived, spending hours just about every single college day, right there .

We were packed in the stands like sardines and really uncomfortable, but our seats lined up perfectly with where Rachel was sitting, down on the floor, with the rest of the honorees.

This meant that Rachel was able to look right up at us and make faces at me.

Fortunately and unfortunately, as you’ll see, I had my camera with me.

Here’s Rachel posing for the picture …..


She’s the one in the purple, and she’s being her typical goofy self …

Yes, the picture is really blurry, but it’s ok, I’ll practice a bit with the camera so that when her name is announced and she’s shaking the presidents hand, I’ll get a perfect shot.

Ok, I’ve practiced taking lots of sample shots of the stage and I’m ready for the big moment.

It’s an honor to shake the hand of the president so it’s important that I get this picture so that Rach can show her grandchildren some day…..


Now, tell me. … how could this picture be any worse? I guess if I forgot to take the lens cap off, it’d be worse.

In this blurred mess is Rachel, with a big smile on her face, her arm is outstretched, ready to shake the school President’s hand.

I realized instantly that it wasn’t a good picture, so I tried to get another shot ….


Too late. The moment was over. And this shot is still blurry. All the rest of the people around her are completely clear but Rach is blurry.

And now, as I’m looking closer at this picture ….

100_3692a Those bare legs with flipflops are less blurred than my daughter’s face.

I hope I get my camera issues corrected in time for Rachel’s graduation. Gosh, I think after owning this camera for 5 years, I’m going to have to get out the instruction manual to find out the best setting to use to get clear pictures of moving subjects.

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Happy Day everyone … and next time I post, I’ll be announcing a winner!


Anonymous said...

Gee Cathy, sorry you had so much trouble with your camera. I hope you can get that figured out before Rachel's graduation. Please enter me for a chance to win the beautiful pansy candle mat. I've been holding off commenting - figuring I'd let someone else have it, but I just couldn't stand it, it's so pretty!

Chris in the Laurel Highlands

Allison said...

Sorry about your camera troubles, I understand completely. Our camera always seems to flake on important events such as my daughters last year in cheerleading and a fashion show she was in, it's very frustrating when it works for photo's with little meaning but not the big events. Congrats to Rachel.

Brenda said...

I didn't know Rachel was in the Witness Protection Program! LOL! You could have just used a little black bar to cover her eyes like they do on 20/20, no need to blurr the whole picture...LOL!

Lois said...

Hey Cathy, At least you didn't have half a finger over the lens. I seem to get my fingers in the way!!!!! At least we saw the whole picture and not fingers!!! hahaha Congrats to Rachel.

Lois L.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Congratulations to Rachel! I'm sure you both will remember it well. Camera issues are so annoying.

Sandi said...

This reminds me of the year that my son graduated from high school. It was an outdoor ceremony. One large cloud filled with rain was moving east over the grandstands. School officials were sure it would not rain. Wrong! That cloud opened up and we all got wet as we ran for the gym. So did my camera. It never worked another day. Had to have a camera place remove the film in order to print the pics. Crazy but memorable. :-) Can't wait to see who the lucky pansy winner will be. :-) As soon as you draw the winner, start reading the camera manual so you will be prepared for graduation. :-)

peggy aplSEEDS said...

this can be so frustrating, but it made for a funny post, something i can surely relate to! the picture with the feet made me laugh out loud!