Monday, April 19, 2010

New Design and “EEEEKS! A SNAKE!”

I know you’ll be disappointed but No, the new design is not of a snake.
The snake story will come after I show what I’m currently doing.
So, I dyed some wool right after Christmas that accidently turned out to be identical to the color of clay pots. That’s the exciting thing about dyeing your own wool … the surprises that come from what some might consider a mistake.
Since I had the clay pot colored wool, of course, I had to start thinking of what design I could make with clay pots.
I quickly sketched out what I saw in my head and then continued on to measure it all to turn into a pattern. I set it all aside, deciding to wait until closer to Spring to make it.
The problem for me about setting it aside to work on months later is that I tend to forget where the location of the “set aside” might be.
I remember being aware of that problem when I stored the pattern, thinking that I’ll put it somewhere easy to find so that when I was ready, I could just whip it out and start on the project.
Yes, I lost the pattern.
I spent hours drawing that design up so I certainly wasn’t about to draw it up again only to find the original right in front of my face days later.
So, I got the wools prepared … dyed and dried. And just waited for the pattern to ‘Show Up”
Last week, it “showed up". And yes, it was virtually right smack in front of my face, laying on the little desk in the dining room.
100_3720So here’s what I’ve done so far ….
Naturally, the clay pots have to contain pansies!
The pansy looks oversized right now but it’ll be ok … once it’s stitched on, it shrinks some.
Check out the colors of that clay pot! I wish I had accidently dyed more of that wool .. I also wish I would’ve written down the “recipe” of the dyes that I used to create this color.
Ok … here’s the snake story. It’s a good one.
Imagine, if you will, opening up your car door to see a slithering snake like this one crawling across your car seat ….
What would you do?
Well, in this case, Jen and grandson were leaving to go home, Friday evening. Jen opened her car door and saw this snake making it’s way across the driver’s seat and onto the floor.
Her natural reaction was to give out a blood curdling scream. K, standing beside her, not knowing what she was screaming about, also gave out a blood curdling scream, simply because he felt it was the right thing to do, I guess.
That’s what hubby and I heard from inside the house. By the time we ran out there, the snake had made it way up inside the dashboard of the car and disappeared completely.
At that point, K, turned into his favorite movie character of all time … Indiana Jones. You should know that Indie Jones hates …HATES snakes, but Indie was bound and determined to find that snake because his damsel was in distress.
Indie grabbed a flashlight and went about examining every single inch of the outside of the car, searching for the snake, while his Pappap did what he could to figure out how to get the snake to come out of the dashboard.
Indie was a man obsessed … until it started to rain and his mom made him go inside.
Indie and I made some muffins while Pap and Jen tried to find the snake.
We really didn’t know at the time what kind of snake it was so care had to be taken just in case it was a poisonous one. Usually in this area, there are just harmless black snakes, so we were hoping that’s what it was.
The snake couldn’t be found. Hubby rigged up a light to shine down on the floor, thinking that the heat from the light would make a better, more comfy place for the snake to sleep. Pap drove Indie and his mom home in our car and we let her car sit overnight in our driveway, hoping that in the morning, we’d see a snake curled up on the floor under the hot light.
Hubby started ripping the dashboard apart, early Saturday morning. Out came the glovebox…. He would’ve torn the entire dash off but thought that perhaps he should search the rest of the car just to see if the snake had come out during the night and is in another spot.
Thankfully, Oh gosh, THANKFULLY, he thought to look under the mat in the trunk where the spare tire is …
There it was, sound asleep.
It was a harmless, but loooooong, black rat snake. Very good to have around actually, because they take care of the mice.
Hubby removed the tire and we called Indie and his dad to find out how soon they could drive to our house so that Indie could take care of the snake for us.
Indie’s dad snatched the snake up, and with the assistance of little Indie Jones, they carried the snake out to the woods. The snake is frantically searching for Jen’s car right now, I’m sure.
We still have no idea how that snake could’ve gotten into her car. It was cold that day so her windows and sunroof were tightly closed.
I’m sure she’s going to be anxious for quite some time now, every time she opens her car door.
If Jen sees mice scampering around her ankles now when she’s driving, she going to really wish she had that snake back ….
Oh gosh, Jen, I’m just kidding. Mice won’t be in your car, it’s ok.
Happy Snakeless Day everyone!


Laura said...

OMG, I don't think I could ever get in my car again without a thorough search first! And don't break it to Jen, but I did in fact have a mouse take up residence in my Jeep while we were on vacation last year. Thankfully I only found the evidence of the little nests that were built and not the critter itself. He or she very neatly cleaned up all of the dog hair and put it in a big pile. So helpful!

adsgram said...

I almost screamed just looking at the picture. My first answer to what would I do? was "SELL the car!" I had a baby garden snake in my cellar a couple of years ago. It was only the size of a large earthworm(nightcrawler), but I absolutely froze and yelled for MY Indie to come remove it! I was laughed at, but it took a few days before I went down there again alone.


Anonymous said...

My first reaction was also that she needs to sell the car! I would never step foot in it again!
Poor Jennifer, but it is so funny that Kaiden took over!
Isn't it great that you live a boring life and that nothing ever happens to you.

Casserole Carol

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a great new pattern Cathy! And as for the snake story - yecht!!

Misslo said...

OMG, that could happen to anyone. I'm just glad they saw it and she wasn't driving at the time. Whew! Love your dyed flowers--beautiful.

Cat Haven Crafts said...


Beth R. said...

Hi Cath,

Your new pattern is lovely! I can't wait to watch it grow. As for the snake......OMG, I would have to sell the car! Thanks for sharing and giving me the creepy crawlies. LOL!


Pat said...

I love the pattern but that snake has me all riled up now. I HATE snakes and would be so afraid if I saw one in my car. I guess, though, it's better she saw it BEFORE she began to drive or she could have been in a terrible wreck.

Brenda said...

OMG! That was so scary! Even reading the story made my skin crawl. I think you might have scarred me for life, LOL!

kimland said...

ohhh HECK NO!!!

I think I would have passed out on the spot and the car would be SOLD!!! shivers...ugh!!

Simone de Klerk said...

I enjoyed reading your story about the snake! It made me shiver (O:

Michele said...

How exciting it is to see your new pattern transforming before our very eyes!! I can't wait to see the finished creation.
My goodness...when it comes to cars, you and your family sure do have some incredible stories!! I got goosebumps just seeing the pics of the snake! ~.~

Sandi said...

I hate snakes! ooooooooo...I was eating lunch at the computer yesterday when I strolled into your blog and when I saw the snake I ran out..... LOL! Now I'm back today and not eating at the computer so I had the "stomach" to read the post. I would probably never be able to drive that car again! When I was a little kid some neighbor boys played a joke and left a momma snake and babies on our front porch. To this day, my mom and I are not fond of snakes. And of course, I got lucky and have a son that thinks they're great! It's all I can do to look at them. LOL! However, I really took a good look at that new design you are doing and it's really going to be neat. Love that clay pot color!

Lisa said...

I hear you about the mice!! Love your new pattern!!
Hugs, Lisa

paulette said...

Yup...sell the car!! She probably had babies...!! There is no way I could get back into that car! Yikes..I DO NOT like snakes!!

Marilyn said...

i have ALWAYS said snakes would find a way into a car now this confirms it! i am extreme afraid od all snakes this is just awlful