Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christmas in July Giveaway Ends Tonight!

Wednesday came so quickly!  Tonight, at 10pm, I’ll have either Rachel or hubby draw the winning names for the giveaways.

If you haven’t entered yet, you better scroll down to the giveaway post that shows this jingle bell candy cane shelf pillow as 2nd prize ….


And this Festive Snowman candle mat as 1st prize …

100_4150 I’m also giving away my blueberry pinkeep to any blogger who gets new people to come and join in on the fun as a follower. 

Speaking of which,  I’ve always been hestitant to enter my sister’s name in any of the drawings simply because some might question the fairness of a family member winning.

Thankfully, she’s never won so it’s never been an issue.  But there might come a time that it happens, so I’ll make it perfectly clear right now that if I draw her name, she will win whatever it might be. 

See, my sister doesn’t sew.  Not only doesn’t she sew, I really don’t think that a needle and thread could be located anywhere in her house. Winning something handmade would really thrill her, I’m sure.

Which brings up the question; What the heck does that family do if a seam tears or a button falls off?

Let’s ask her, shall we? 

I’m sure she’ll give a smart*** reply in the comment section so I’ll look forward to getting a little insight into the life of a non-sewer, my sister (casserole Carol).

So, Carol?  What the heck do you do if a button falls off or a seam tears?

(I have a feeling that a stapler or hot glue might be involved.)

Now that I’ve made it perfectly clear that Carol will be entered into the drawing let me mention something else….

Carol must really want the blueberry pinkeep because she sent me an email which showed that she had forwarded my blog address to ALL of the people on her friend address email list.  Now, I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with that, but heck, this means that a bunch of people that might actually KNOW ME, will be reading whatever I write. 

That also means that now I can’t talk about how crazy the people are that she works with OR the crazies that are part of her husband’s side of the family  (Sorry Mark, you know it’s true that YOUR side of the family is crazier than our side of the family simply because of the shear numbers involved … those Irish people must breed like bunnies)

I mean, I could tell sooooo many stories, but now I’m silenced because of this.

But that’s ok, I’ll deal with it and if anyone of those family or co-workers comment and give her name as the referrer, I’ll certainly add her name in for the drawing.

I guess she doesn’t want the candy cane shelf pillow or the festive snowmen candle mat though because SHE DIDN”T COMMENT IN THE GIVEAWAY BLOG ENTRY.

Sheesh.  She’s the scatterbrain of the family.  I’m lucky I’m not like that.



Happy Day everyone! … and scroll down NOW to the Giveaway post so that you may enter to win one of the super nice things .. not made with a staple gun or hot glue!


Bari Jo said...

LOL! You make me laugh. Hard. :O) And I think it is totally appropriate if a family member wins! Absolutely! Go for it - enter her in! And I can't wait to read her response to your question, by the way!!!! Bari

Anonymous said...

Ok There are several issues I must address here.
1st whenever I try to answer your blog, my well intentioned organization has blocked the word verificaton picture, so I have to write my blog , hit anonymous and then hope it goes through and gives me a second chance to answer. Some times it does and sometimes it doesn't. The other day it didn't, and I actually do do work where I work and didn't have time to re send it.

2nd. I DO sew!!! I just HATE to! So I sew on my buttons, and hem my own pants, but everyone else sews their own! In a pinch Mark used to do a lot of sewing. I could tell you stores of me doing school sewing projects for Greg and Steph, but then I would need my own blog. SO THERE!!

Hope I win!
Casserole Carol

Mow Jo's Quilting said...

You are so sweet to do these really neat giveaways!!!!!!! Marla

Mow Jo's Quilting said...

You are so sweet to do these great giveaways!!! Marla

Lisa said...

You crack me up! But I do get it! My family doesn't read my blog ;)
Hugs, Lisa

Ceamz said...

fiddle sticks! I am too late! but I love the snowmen.

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Just too funny Cathy...

Dolly's Cupcakes said...

Love the give away hope I'm not tooo late. Love the pillow but especially love the candle mats. I just started by Christmas sew - mats galore. kathy