Friday, July 30, 2010

Introducing Mr. “Scarecrow Jack in the Sunflower Patch” ! (Tutorial Part 1)

Finally, I’m ready to start the Tutorial for this new design.

I’m so very proud of this one. Jack is just so cute …and fun to make.

Here is the finished candle mat. It’s a little larger than most of my other candle mats. It measures about 15” across if the bottom green background is used.

Jack in the sunflower patch Yes, this looks very detailed but I will show you step-by-step how to make this and then you’ll see, it’s really not difficult to make … and soooo worth the effort.

Please remember that I’m showing you how to make this with the hope that you will purchase the pattern from me and not steal the design without the pattern. I know how easy I make it for the thieves but I’m willing to take that risk simply because I know for a fact that I’m responsible for getting a lot of ladies addicted to wool. I hope to get many more addicted after this!

I’ve worked long and hard on this design to get it just perfect .. my family will attest to that, so please, if you do steal it, at least give me credit for it!

OK, let’s get started with Jack! Watch him come to life!


Here’s Scarecrow Jack up close. Keep in mind that the colors for Jack’s clothes can be switched up. Make him whatever colors you wish. The black background can be changed to white or any other complimentary color, so think outside of the box when it comes to color choices.

We need to start with his pants first.


The pants need to have a backing on them since they extend over the edge of the background. I pinned the backing onto the leg front and blanket stitched the inside pant leg.

Then I added the little patches. It’s easier to put the patches on now rather than later.

jackleg I’ve pinned that leg onto the black background, lining the pants crotch right up with the scalloped point of the background. I’ve pinned the shirt on too so that the bottom of the shirt will be tucked in.

I’ve blanket stitched all around the outside edges of the pants now, leaving the bottoms opened.

With just a little bit of either poly fiberfill or wool roving, the pants are stuffed. I used a pencil to gently push the stuffing up into the leg.


I need to stress that just a little bit of stuffing should be used. It should only be enough to give it some dimension … we’re not making a doll!

I’ll close up his legs later when I stitch in the loose straw.

shirt Now, I’ve blanket stitched around the outside edges of the shirt, leaving the neck opened for stuffing.

I’ve lightly stuffed the shirt and sleeves and I’ve blanket stitched the neck closed.

100_4085 I use whatever is handy for stuffing. Here, you see I’ve used the cap from a pen to push the stuffing down into those little sleeves.

100_4092 Now it’s time for Jack’s head!

I blanket stitched around his head, leaving the top opened for stuffing and you can see, I’ve used my handy dandy pen cap to push the stuffing into his head.

100_4094 I’ve pinned Jack’s hat in place and I’ll do a quick whip stitch around the outside edges, leaving the brim above his face, unstitched.

Here comes the really fun part for me ….

100_4097 The face is stitched in … the pattern instructions will give the details on that.

Once the face is done, Jack comes to life. He needs some straw hair though ….

hair With some straight stitches, I gave him some hair.

Then …

hair2 I tied some thread underneath the brim of his hat to create loose strands of straw hair.

100_4102 This does take some time, but it’s well worth the effort. It really gives a nice messy straw look to Scarecrow Jack.

To make the loose strands, I just took a stitch, right under the hat brim so that the knot won’t be seen. Then I tied it off and …

100_4103 Then I clipped it. Do that many times and you’ll have lots of loose straw!

Now, I’ll work on detailing the clothes.

100_4107 I did a quick running stitch down the center front of his shirt and I’ve added some patches.

100_4110 To define his hat a little more, I made a long straight stitch across his hat.

100_4112 Look at the difference just one stitch makes!

100_4114 Using that same stitch/tie method that I used for his straw hair, I stitched loose straw in his shirt, sleeves, neck, waist and legs.

He’s really looking like a scarecrow now!

100_4115 With more straight stitches, I gave him a rope belt …

100_4116 I cinched in his legs with thread and also made a straight stitch across his wrists and tied it off.


Meet Scarecrow Jack!

See, it wasn’t difficult to do now, was it?

I prefer to create the 4 Jacks assembly line style … which is to stitch all 4 pants on, then all 4 shirts on etc … but it’s up to you. It might be more fun and easier for you to stitch each scarecrow as individuals, completing one scarecrow entirely and then moving on to the next one.

Ok, that’s all for today.

Next step is adding in the sunflowers ..

Part 2 of the Tutorial can be found by clicking HERE!

Happy Day everyone!


Barb said...

OMG, I just love him! I really haven't done wool before, but have been very tempted by your beautiful work. This one is going to throw me into the loop I think!
Thank you.

Bari Jo said...

Wow!!!!!!!!!!! This is SO cute! Thank you AGAIN for your wonderful generosity in teaching us how to do this and for your great patterns!!!! Way to go! you are amazing! :O) Bari

Regina said...

Oh I love Jack, hurry hurry and finish. I have to have one. I'm going to need more tables!

MosaicMagpie said...

How nice of you to share this way. I love that little scarecrow, there is a lot of work in that little guy. Your work is beautiful, the stitches are so neat.

Patti said...

this is the most beautiful (and very detailed) candle mat that I have ever seen....I don't think that I'd have the patience for it though....hehe. I just love it!!

Anonymous said...

Hi...can you tell me how to order the pattern? I totally love it!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Jack is amazing and has come to life Cathy! You are so talented. When I catch up, this will be the next one I make. Yes, YOU got me hooked on wool!!!