Monday, July 26, 2010

One Of Those “What Was I Thinking!?” Moments


We’ve all had them.  You know what I mean.  It’s those times that you purchase something at a super good price but then when you get it home you wonder, “Ok, now what the heck am I going to do with this?”

So, Saturday morning, I went to an estate sale.  Goodness, gracious, you can find such wonderful old things at estate sales.  We have enough stuff stored in our house to cause a nightmare for our children after hubby and I are gone, so I really do try to be careful with my estate sale purchases.  At this point, we’re at the age that we should be clearing our own old things out, not adding to it.

For this reason, I go to estate sales with specific things in mind to look for.  Usually, it’s anything old to do with sewing … fabric, scissors, buttons … any kind of old notions.  Sometimes things catch my eye … like a crock full of old rolling pins … but I pass it up because I know I just don’t have the room for it.  Well, and, if I brought home a crock full of rolling pins, and set it down by the fireplace, my two daughters would definitely seriously consider using them to knock some sense in my head.  I can see them both now shaking their heads and rolling their eyes at the mere thought of a crock full of old wooden rolling pins.

So this estate sale didn’t have any old sewing things but I heard someone say, “absolutely EVERYTHING is for sale in the garage” …and CHEAP!

I scurried.  This garage contained the typical garage type things.

But it was lined with tall metal shelves which held all the garage type things.  And here was my mistake …

I asked.   Oh dear … I asked …

“Are the shelves for sale?”

Hubby has been wanting to purchase metal shelves for his garage to store his things on so that his big garage can look just like this estate sale garage. 

Cell phones are so convenient, aren’t they?  What did we ever do without them, because in this case, I immediately called hubby to tell him that this garage contained about 20 metal shelves and at only $5 each, it was a huge bargain. 

To try to make a long story even longer ….

While waiting for hubby to drive over with his pickup truck … I browsed more, which is dangerous.  The more I browse, the more I see that I wouldn’t mind having.

But what really caught my eye was this really old wooden school size paper cutter.

I really did try to talk myself out of it.  I picked it up and told myself that it was waaaaaay too heavy and big for me to use anywhere ….

The blade on it was SHARP and it could do some serious damage to anyone’s fingers and I don’t even want to think of the grandson anywhere near it ….

But oh my gosh, they just wanted a good home for it and offered it to me for $3. 

Come on now.  This just isn’t fair.  Even for $3 I’m not going to bring it home … I’ve no where to put it!

100_4289 Ok, ok, I brought it home.

So we ended up bringing home 6 big metal shelves, a large metal filing cabinet, a Craftsman Table Saw and of course, the old wooden paper cutter.

Look how nice it looks with a candle centerpiece on it!

Silly me, I CAN and did find a place for it!

I can use it in the center of my dining room table.  It wouldn’t have to be used just for paper cutting.  We can use it during dinner to cut our steak into bite size pieces.  I can slice tomatoes and I can dice zucchini with it.  Think of how fast and easy I can chop up lettuce for a salad!

Let’s think about slicing onions and carrots and WATERMELON with it……


Seriously though, what the heck was I thinking? 

I just don’t know why in the world I brought this home….   


In other news, I was planning to start the Scarecrow candle mat tutorial today but ….

I’ve decided to hold off until I try something else with the scarecrow.  I might have a completely different design with the same scarecrow to show you soon!


Thank you to those who’ve sent me zucchini recipes!

I have enough recipes now to keep my zucchinis from rotting in the garden. 

A special big thanks to Lois.  Her new name will be “Lois, queen of the zucchini”.  She sent me so many yummy sounding zucchini recipes that I just don’t know which one to make first! 

I wonder if it’s possible to eat too much zucchini? 

Did you know that if you eat too many carrots, your skin will turn orange?  Honest, I’m not making that up.  It’s just a temporary thing until the carrots work their way out of the system but gosh, I don’t want my family to turn zucchini green so I will be careful.

I hope Lois isn’t green!  :)

Ok, enough silliness.


Happy Day everyone!


Michele said...

I LOVE your paper cutter ... still wish they made them! If you ever tire of it, do let me know!! ~.~

~ Stitchin Sweet Sue ~ said...

You done good, that's a mighty splendid cutter, wonderful patina, I'd have snapped it up too, and then found a place for it!

Diane H said...

I can remember as kids we played with those cutters in the classrooms. Hardly dangerous at all?? Great buy!

Calico Rabbit said...

Loved reading this, I am still in the beginning of collecting old stuff, so I am always interested when folks share stories about collecting old things, and I LOVE your ideas on how to use your find, don't forget bread though, and cheese, always need another cheese slicer!

And about the skin turning orange thing when you eat too many carrots, it's true, when I was in high school, my very best friend was on a diet and ate carrots every day and she did take on an orange color to her skin, we all thought it was so cool!

Anyway, have a great day creating!
and thanks for sharing and expanding my smile for the day!

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

I love the patina of that cutting board..and it looks so good as a candle "mat"...I love you have any big rolling pins that you don't want? I am looking for a great monday.;)

Rag-a-Muffin Collectibles said...

This cutting board has such great patina. I would hang it (well) on a wall and bring it down when you need to cut something. I have a new version and I actually am surprised how often I need it to cut things. E.g. mulitple photos or tags that I print to one page. (so, I love my cutter, I just find it so "familiar" unlike the new kind with the olfa style blades that you slide along your paper)
Cath, I'm still trying to get over your post about your computer mouse! And yes, orange you will be if you eat too many carrots or mangoes. Mangoes have carotene in them as well AND can/will make your tongue swell up! I knew someone in school taking too much carotene, turned orange and one of our daughters ate too many mangoes in a short few days, tongue puffed up...scary!

Lisa said...

I love it! I live the buy it now figure out what to do with it later!! It is awesome!!
Hugs, Lisa

Linda said...

LOL! That is a great paper will be glad you brought it home. Let us see the garage when it is organized!!!

Sandi said...

Ha ha! ..oh, the fun of an estate sale! That old paper cutter reminds me of the one at our old grade school. Looks great with the penny rug on it. :-)