Thursday, July 8, 2010

WOOL and Wallpaper: What’s the Common Denominator?

Whelp, I just called in a big order to Woolrich, which means in about two days, I’m going to get several very large boxes of wool. 

In many ways, that’s good because this means I’ll be able to kit up some patterns for all of you needy ones AND offer the kits at more reasonable prices.  That’s always good news, isn’t it?

The bad news is that my sewing room is so full of boxes and drawers which are overflowing with wool, that I’m going to have to get up there and organize so that I can find things better AND so that I have room to put even more bolts of wool!

It’s a good problem to have, that’s for sure!

I do have some big plans and events coming up, hopefully within the next week, so keep a good sharp blog watch going.

  I’ve hired both of my daughters to help with my business now because it’s just become to much for one person to handle.  My Jen will now be in charge of the wool kits…cutting and packing.  Rachel will be in charge of patterns …folding and stuffing.

I’m slowly training Jen my dyeing methods so that hopefully soon, I’ll be able to trust her to do all the dyeing too.

All of this will help me tremendously because I’ll have more time to focus on the actual designing aspect. 

I was going through some files of computer pictures the other day and found this …


I made this candle mat a few years ago and completely forgot about it.

I made this one in so many different colors that I’m scaring myself because how in the world could I have forgotten it?

I guess it’s part of being 53 years old.  The brain still works, but it’s a bit dusty in some areas.

I also found this one:

Pictures 120

Another one that I completely forgot about and I just made it last year!

I even blogged about it last year too! 

This one will be a pattern soon.  It’s just too sweet to not keep around.  This design was inspired by, of all things, the bedroom wallpaper border …

100_4122 I liked the leaf arrangement.  See the similarities? :)

Looking at that leaf arrangment reminds me of my Clay Pot Pansy pattern too!  That gathering of leaves is very similiar to this wallpaper picture.

I know wallpaper is outdated and not used so much in decorating now, but I do have some of it, still in my home that I love and want to keep forever …

This is the wallpaper border in our upstairs hallway …


We’ve had this wallpaper for way too many years to mention, but even with it’s age, I still really like it.

I had been making scalloped edged round pinkeeps for a few years and then happened to realize that right in front of my eyes was another great way to make pinkeeps … a heart shape!

This scalloped heart design is what inspired me, many years ago, to make the scalloped shape of my many pinkeeps …. like this one …

000_1229and this one …

000_1313and this one and many, many more …

000_1278which lead to candle mats like this one ….

100_3389and this one …

000_1217and this one …000_1236  

I can be inspired by surprisingly odd things, but absolutely everything I make has a story behind it for how it was created.

That wallpaper has been very profitable for me, wouldn’t you say?

I think if I happen to have a dry spell with no ideas in my head, I need to go visit a wallpaper store!

Ok, I’m out for now to go cut some grass, straighten up my wool room and do some stitching to get ready for a GIVEAWAY and some big events next week!


Happy Day everyone … and best wishes for Wallpaper inspirations!


Cara said...

That floral one is so sweet! I need the pattern and maybe a kit for it!
I really haven't been able to find a source for wool around here, and dying for me is not an option.

The French Bear said...

I love how your mind works......being in my fifties too!!
I love the idea of doing the little pinkeeps...I love the blueberry one you did a while back, any chance of that and the strawberry one coming in kits? Let me know, I would love to have those!!! Not that I want you to work harder, ha ha.....just in case you were thinking of what to do!!!!
Margaret B

Bari Jo said...

Thanks for sharing - your work is amazing!!!! I would love it if you had time some day to do a pinkeep pattern!!! They are soooo cute! Love reading your blog! ;O) Bari

appleberrycottage said...

Wallpaper - ugh. Only 1 hallway closet of wallpaper left in my 1970's house. Don't know why the previous owner wallpapered the closet, but they did. It's a "lovely" mini plaid in rust, olive, and gold. :-)

Anonymous said...

I have one of your heart pin keeps with a beautiful blue pansy on it.
It's been admired on my shelf since April 21, 2007.I also own your heart candle mat from February 2, 2008. :D (they are signed and dated by you)
I love your things, appreciate your talent and look forward to purchasing yet another gem from you soon.
Peggy (bearcottage from Ebay)

Sandi said...

Beautiful penny mats!! Love your work! Take it from me......the brain just gets dustier! I speak from experience. How did I get to be 61? see, brain is so dusty it doesn't know how it got to be this old? LOL!

Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

Lots of beautiful things Cathie! Love the snowmen!

Violet said...

I love the one you call Clay Pot Pansey's because to me, well, they look like Violet's! ~Smile~

Lisa said...

I think it can come from anywhere! I love the hearts as you know!
Hugs, Lisa