Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trying To Not Mess With a Good Thing

When I spilled the ice tea the other day some of it went onto the computer keyboard.  I wiped it up as best I could, but  it’s making me just a tad bit crazy knowing that there’s dried sticky stuff underneath the keys.

Gosh, if you’ve had your keyboard for a while, like we have, you really, really don’t want to know what’s fallen between those keys.  It’s a wonder I didn’t see critters feasting on snack foods down there.  I could see crumbs and lots of dust down there and just knowing that it’s combined with some ice tea was just way too much for even me, who tends to ignore a little dust.

So anyway, I pulled the spacebar and a few other keys off and shook,vacuumed, and wiped.  Then I snapped them back into place.  This is a good example of what happens when you mess with a good thing because I turned a dirty, but properly working keyboard into a clean, but broken keyboard. 

Something is really wonky with the spacebar now.  It’s not giving up spaces very easily.   I’ll have to figure out how I can fix this problem now without buying a new keyboard.

Well, messing with good things is something that I seem to be doing a lot of lately because I’ve done it with this Scarecrow candle mat …


I was all ready to start the tutorial for this one but kept thinking of a suggestion from hubby to put Scarecrow Jill on the mat with Scarecrow Jack.  I really loved that idea, and even though I’m happy with the way this one looks, I wanted to do a Jill.

So I created a Jill.  And Jill looks adorable on the mat along with Jack.  One big problem though … Jack and Jill are both very labor intensive.  There are a ton of details involved with just Jack, but adding Jill, creates 8 very detailed scarecrows.  I really enjoy stitching small details but I do have to remember when creating patterns that most people will not like doing all the details.  I don’t want to create a pattern that you ladies will never finish because it was too tedious. 

So I think I’m going to not mess with this good thing and keep Jill out of it.  Jack looks good standing alone in the Sunflower Patch.  :)

The Jack and Jill one will just be a one-of-a-kind candle mat that I’ll sell later as finished.

This candle mat tutorial will start either tomorrow or Friday so keep watch.  Jack is really fun to make and since there’s only 4 of him, the details are fun and not tedious.

My sister (casserole carol) is in the hospital recovering from some much needed surgery. She’s fine and all went well, but I think I’ll take a drive over to the hospital to harass her husband visit her.

Speaking with her husband, Mark, on the phone yesterday, he sarcastically told me to bring my camera when I came for a visit so that I could post pictures on my blog of Carol right out of surgery.  I think a better idea would be to take pictures of Mark as he’s sleeping and snoring at her bedside.

The good thing about doing that is that neither Carol or Mark will be reading my blog anytime soon.  The bad thing about it is that when either does eventually read it, I will just be chalking up one more payback onto the long list of paybacks.  

hmmm … if the photo opportunity arises, I will take advantage. 


Happy Day Everyone!


The French Bear said...

Oh dear, I think I need to clean up my keyboard....this makes me wonder what's inside of it!!!!
If you need a new key board I can send you one...don't buy one, my son is a programmer and I have computer parts everywhere!!!!
One company he worked for from the States is here in Canada, but when they don't need the part anymore he brings it home, so that's where the parts come from.....sometimes they have only been used a couple weeks...let me know!
Margaret b

Cat Nap Inn Primitives said...

love this candle mat and all the detail that went into love the 3-D effect..very orignal and wonderful.;)

Mary said...

The scarecrows are just adorable, how pretty!